Administrative Expertise

Facing the administrative challenge of delivering projects in many jurisdictions with different methods and practices

Whether it is managing subsidiary companies, bid bonds, performance bonds, foreign currency management, international banking or legal requirements, Radiola  Aerospace manages the administrative challenge to make your life easier.

Taking the hassle out of administration

Our agile administration accounting team has the experience and track record to make sure projects are completed efficiently and comply with required standards. That’s regardless of where you are in the world.

Radiola Aerospace employs advanced internal processes and practices to enable accurate project performance monitoring with transparency to our customers and subcontractors.

When you choose to partner with us you can be confident that both your administrative and aviation requirements are well taken care of.

Our advanced capabilities include:

  • Foreign currency management
  • International banking
  • Subsidiary company management
  • Sub-contractor commercial management
  • Deployed staff support
  • Integration with project teams

“Dealing with Radiola’s administrative and accounting department has been consistently a breeze for Wings Over Asia for many projects over the years.

Yeow Meng 黄耀明, Executive/Managing Director, WingsOverAsia Pte Ltd 展翅亚洲