Navigation & Communications

Customising navigation and communication systems to best meet your needs, whether that be on an airfield or in remote locations

At Radiola Aerospace we use the best quality navigation, radio communications and microwave equipment with the most cost-effective lifecycle costs to ensure aviation air traffic infrastructure operates to required standards of safety and reliability.

Navigation and communications to meet your aviation needs

At Radiola Aerospace we provide navigational aids and communication equipment that will best meet your requirements.

The Radiola team has over 50 years’ experience in the defence and aviation equipment market, which has resulted in excellent relationships with many of today’s leading electronic systems providers.

Radiola’s experienced air navigation engineers have knowledge and experience on a wide range of equipment with many projects completed around the globe.

To complement our navigation and communications projects we offer lifetime support by way of remote and local maintenance, provision of spare parts, training, and logistics support.

The systems we offer include:

  • Instrument landing systems (ILS)
  • VOR navigation beacons
  • Distance measuring equipment
  • Non directional beacons
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Voice and data communications and control systems
  • Meteorological systems
  • Radio linking systems
  • Mobile communications equipment
  • Airfield lighting and signage

Case study

Snakes galore in Papua New Guinea

Dealing with snakes is all in a day’s work when it comes to operating in challenging environments.

When installing instrument landing systems in Papua New Guinea, snakes were just part of the deal and didn’t hold us up on the installation, flight checks and commissioning of the system into service.

More importantly than snake wrangling – a key part of this installation was to train the local team on how to use and maintain the system going forward.

Case study

Supporting ExxonMobil in Papua New Guinea

Radiola has been providing support for all airfield systems at Komo Airfield in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea for several years.

The work covers all navigation, communications, lighting and associated systems. Radiola engineers often deploy to site for extended periods for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. This can be a challenging task given the remote location.

All systems continue to meet the required availability standards