Vehicle Tracking

Keep your eye on your fleet with live vehicle tracking

A real-time view of your assets.

High frequency GPS tracking for your network to ensure service compliance and real-time passenger information.

Radiola Land has a range of solutions to cater for your individual tracking requirements.


Our all in one CAD/AVL (computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location) system is designed for the variable conditions on-board your fleet – we’ve made it tough to withstand the demanding environment. It’s world-leading Internet of Things (IoT) design enables efficient updates and communication with operations management and dispatching systems.

We can enable connectivity between other devices on board by feeding data to the CAD/AVL to make any device update in real-time.

Our CAD/AVL is scalable and can perform additional on-board functions and its flexible operating system allows you to run other applications and services on a single device.

Driver assistant

Keep drivers on-time and on-route with our driver assistant. This provides up-to-date schedule adherence to drivers, so they know how they are progressing and when they need to hold at a stop. Live navigation maps show drivers the exact path to follow so there is no more off-route travel. You can also keep drivers informed of service changes and effectively manage detours on-the-fly.

This system can be integrated with any third-party dispatching tool for automatic allocation and to update other onboard systems such as ticketing, destination headboard, next stop and telematics, with trip information.

Simple GPS tracking

Looking for a low-cost solution to enable vehicle or asset tracking and real-time passenger information? Radiola can provide affordable GPS tracking devices that can be easily wired into your vehicles or installed by an approved auto electrician world-wide.