Rider Engagement

Enhancing experiences for passengers

An end-to-end rider information and infotainment platform allowing you to connect with your passengers.

Improving the experience for passengers is at the heart of public transport management.

Radiola Land has a range of solutions to ensure you provide the best service possible to your riders.

On-street signage

Our on-street signs provide easy to understand information for waiting passengers with live departure details based on real-time predictive data, timetable schedules and service announcements.

In-built speakers provide quality audio announcements for traveller information to cater to all riders, including people living with disabilities.

There is an opportunity for revenue generation with space available to display advertising content such as digital posters and videos.

It’s easy to manage content and monitor the health of your digital signage though our single online Dynamis® platform.

On-board next stop display and announcement system

Satisfy the needs of all riders with next stop information for the service they are on. You can advise passengers of service alerts instantly. Displays can be customised with helpful content such as maps, weather and points of interest.

This system helps improve rider confidence for all including people who are blind or visually impaired.

Rider website

We can provide a white label traveller information website for your passengers with real-time information on a user-friendly platform that is customised to your brand.

Finding nearby services is quick and simple; just open the website with the location enabled and it does the rest. Riders can look up stops, routes and see the live location of the vehicles. Interlink it with your own website so passengers can easily navigate between the two