Radiola launches next-generation flight inspection systems

Radiola Aerospace has deployed two new next-generation flight inspection systems set to revolutionise the industry, says Executive Director Richard Thomson.

“These new flight inspection systems have been specifically designed to be smaller, lighter, faster, and more efficient than previous versions.”

By continuously providing the highest levels of capability, reliability, and functionality, Radiola is poised to continue its growth and provide its clients with the best service possible.

“If we don’t invest and maintain our systems and capabilities, then there’s a chance that airports could lose their certification and therefore impact their operations. So, it’s a very critical function. And it’s very, very time critical as well.”

Manufactured and built by Airfield Technology from Kansas, these next-generation systems are the latest in-flight inspection technology. Not only will they improve the overall efficiency of the company’s operations, but they will enable the team to operate in more varied environments due to their smaller and lighter design.

“It’s critical that we have systems that operate reliably and to a very high specification. It’s also essential that airports get these safety checks done to keep their airports operating,” says Richard.

Radiola’s engineering team have conducted all acceptance testing on the new systems and have confirmed that the new flight inspection systems meet the required standards by their regulators. They were deployed to Fiji and Papua New Guinea in May 2023.

“The acquisition of these next-generation systems represents a significant investment for the company, demonstrating its commitment to investing in the future of the company and the New Zealand market,” says Richard.