Dynamis ®: Reimagining the future of public transport

Bus operators throughout New Zealand, Australia and the world now have access to a game-changing technology solution that is set to revolutionise public transportation.

Keri Howlett-Hewitt, Business Development Manager, Radiola Land, says Dynamis® is a new groundbreaking platform that is reimagining public transport management.

“Dynamis provides transport operators with a software solution that centralises operations management while elevating passenger experiences,” says Keri.

“It’s simple and intuitive, and the information is easy to access in real-time. It’s a comprehensive tool that provides a high level of detail so that operators can solve problems quickly and efficiently.”

Whether it’s schedule or route adherence, vehicle tracking, or monitoring, operators can easily log into one management system and access all this information in one central location.

“This real-time information can then be fed straight to passengers through onboard displays, audio announcements and electronic bus stops.”

Seamlessly integrating with other applications such as Google Maps, Transit App and Apple Maps, Dynamis empowers passengers with up-to-the-minute journey planning and provides a passenger website and on-street displays for passengers in real-time.

“Our new customers are looking to start with the basics, but they want a supplier that can provide a larger range of toolsets and services as they grow,” says Keri. “We’re here for that journey.”

Radiola Land’s range of vehicle tracking solutions are designed to cater to a diverse set of needs and requirements. These solutions encompass everything from budget-friendly GPS trackers to comprehensive solutions with advanced functionalities such as computer-aided dispatch and a vehicle locator.

This range of tracking solutions not only enable real-time monitoring but also have the capability to drive onboard displays. Moreover, they can deliver announcements directly to passengers during their journey.

“Our customers love that we are versatile, accessible and responsive. Our customer support is second to none,” says Keri.

Explore the possibilities of Dynamis and its capabilities on our new website: dynamis.live