Real-time transport technology makes compliance easy

Transport operations teams nationwide can now actively monitor their bus networks in real-time.

Radiola’s Dynamis® is a state-of-the-art software solution that provides ‘real-time’ information, making compliance and monitoring much easier for transport operators.

Keri Howlett-Hewitt, Business Development Manager, Radiola Land explains.

“Dynamis allows transport agencies to actively monitor and manage transport networks in real-time and make critical decisions that enhance safety and passenger experience.”

Dynamis is agile, intuitive, easy-to-use and allows agencies to manage an entire public transport network from one platform.

“Our customers are loving being able to say goodbye to run sheets and manual transport monitoring,” says Keri.

“Transport agencies have visibility to timetables, showing them where the buses are so they can quickly identify potential and actual events, re-route buses if they need to, and check that everything is running as it should.”

Real-time technology means our customers can receive first-stop schedule adherence and monitor all arrival and departure times at all stops along a route. Users can also receive immediate alerts and warnings should a vehicle deviate from a designated path.

Further capabilities also include service agreement monitoring and system notifications for speeding infringements.

Radiola Land is already running this new system with councils throughout the north and south islands of New Zealand.

“Radiola was able to create a solid digital foundation that has allowed us to provide technology not seen before in Taranaki Public Transport,” says the Transport Engagement Manager, Taranaki Regional Council.