eStop signage improves the park-and-ride experience at Queenstown Airport

Radiola Land is working with Go Bus to improve the park-and-ride experience for travellers to and from Queenstown Airport with its new electronic bus stop signage.

“We have provided two new bus stop signs that use the latest e-paper technology – improving the shuttle bus service for passengers,” explains Business Development Manager, Keri Howlett-Hewitt.

These eStops have been deployed by the service operator, Go Bus, at the Queenstown Airport terminal and the Brookes Road car park. Allowing travellers to request a shuttle and to receive updates on the expected arrival time of the next shuttle bus.

“Just like a regular bus stop, an e-stop is on a pole, but instead of having a static sign, it has an e-paper display and speakers that provide real-time information to passengers.”

The screen is about the size of an A4 piece of paper, it has a configurable poster display and the bottom section of the screen changes to provide up-to-date information to passengers. It’s power efficient and it’s great for showing text or images.

“When people arrive at the bus stop, they can press a button to request the shuttle. This then sends a message straight to the driver, who then gives an estimated time of arrival. The person waiting then sees a countdown timer on the screen,” says Keri.

The e-stop has a second button that can be pressed to provide audio updates until the shuttle arrives. Giving reassurance to travellers that a shuttle is on its way.

“E-stops can be fully customisable. They can show any information in any format and any language. You can have real-time information alongside informative maps and timetable graphics, or a slideshow of posters moving every 10, 20 or 30 seconds,” says Keri.

Radiola Land is excited about the potential of its eStops. Not only are they solar-powered, and cost-effective to install, they have the potential to improve experiences for bus operators and passengers throughout the world.

“We’re excited to roll out our eStops to New Zealand and the world so that bus operators and travellers can all benefit from this innovative technology,” says Keri.