First ever all-female flight inspection crew takes to air

Among many firsts for the company, in 2014 Radiola deployed the very first all-female flight inspection crew.

Headed up by Carole Thompson from New Zealand’s Radiola Aerospace, it’s believed this was the first time anywhere in the world that an all-female crew undertook a flight inspection mission.

The crew was made up of Captain Evelyn Sissingh (Radiola’s senior flight inspector) and First Officer Louise Courtney, both based in the United Kingdom, and Carole Thompson as Inspection Group Manager for Radiola.

“Not only was it something new to have an all-female flight crew but to have that crew undertake a deployment in a completely differently cultural environment made it even more unique,” says Carole Thompson who has worked with ONDA in Morocco for many years.

“I’ve been working in Morocco since 2000. Back then I was a bit of a novelty and had to work hard to establish credibility.” That having been established the Moroccans recommended Carole and Radiola to the Libyans where they provided flight inspections throughout the country during very difficult times.

“During the Morrocan deployment we were often flying long hours and much of the time at low levels. The work is very intense,” says Mrs Thompson.

For Carole the best part of operating with an all-female crew was the ability to have some like-minded women to spend down-time with in the evenings away from the normally heavily male dominated industry.

“I’ve been working in the industry for 25 years and I’m one of only about three or four female flight inspectors in the world. I’m used to operating in an all-male environment but it was nice to be able to go out for dinner in the evenings and talk about something different. It was a refreshing change.”


With its head office in New Zealand and strategic forward operating bases, Radiola provides flight inspection all over the world.


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